Today’s Real Estate News 11-1-2010

01 Nov

Today’s news that may be of interest to you:

Your State-by-state Election Guide
The Washington Post | November 1, 2010
THE 50 STATES: Here is the nationwide breakdown of a potential political power shift.
(Anthony’s note: Regardless of whether you are left or right, this has some interesting information on important elections in every state.)

New-Home Buyers: Be Aware of Transfer Fee
The Wall Street Journal | October 31, 2010
If you’re in the market for a newly built home, be on the lookout for a controversial cost called a private transfer fee. It has gotten the attention of Congress and could change how homeowners value their homes.

More Closing Jitters
The New York Times | November 1, 2010
The final weeks before a mortgage closing can be nerve-racking for any borrower, but new guidelines from Fannie Mae calling for an 11th-hour inspection of finances may mean even more headaches.

Stocks Face Dark Side of Gridlock in Capital
The Wall Street Journal | November 1, 2010
For weeks, Wall Street has eagerly anticipated two events: Tuesday’s election and Wednesday’s expected Federal Reserve announcement that it will support financial markets by buying bonds.

Federal Reserve’s, Bernanke’s Credibility on Line With New Move to Boost Economy
The Washington Post | November 1, 2010
The Federal Reserve is preparing to put its credibility on the line as it rarely has before by taking dramatic new action this week to try jolting the economy out of its slumber.

GSEs Instruct Servicers to Help Unemployed Through State Programs
DSNews | November 1, 2010
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have both issued notices to servicers that they must work closely with state housing finance agencies to provide mortgage assistance to homeowners who’ve lost their job

Both Parties Play the Wall Street Card, Sometimes From the Bottom of the Deck
The New York Times | November 1, 2010
Anger at the financial services industry has been so high this election cycle that a viewer of campaign advertisements might be forgiven for thinking that Wall Street itself was on the ballot.

Colorado Unique in its Safeguarding of Title Insurers
The Denver Post | October 31, 2010
Confusion about foreclosures and how they are handled has left the title-insurance industry scrambling to protect itself and has complicated home sales around the country.

From the National Association of Realtors®:

Practitioners Responsible for Full Disclosure
A California court has ruled that practitioners have the same responsibility as sellers to disclose info related to the value of a property, including circumstances surrounding short sales.

We picked pumpkins this last weekend in Greenbluff (a favorite local farming community) so today you get to enjoy a picture of the lovely Mrs. Carollo and I.


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