Real Estate News Today 11-17-2011

17 Nov

Today’s news that may be of interest to you:

Homebuilders Target The In-Laws — and Dogs
Bloomberg | November 17, 2011
There is a growing line of new homes marketed to multigenerational families, a category that increased by 30 percent from 2000 to 2010, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

As New Graduates Return to Nest, Economy Also Feels the Pain
The New York Times | November 16, 2011
With the poor job market and uncertain recovery, hundreds of thousands of Americans have tabled their moves.

One Antidote to Foreclosures: Good Schools.
The Wall Street Journal | November 16, 2011
Highly ranked school districts may have been spared the worst of the foreclosure crisis, according to a new analysis, showing that the housing crash was akin to a tornado that tore through wide swaths, but hit with particular force in certain areas.

Real Estate: Why Home Prices Won’t Bottom Out
Reuters | November 16, 2011
Watching the U.S. home market struggle to rebound is like listening to children in the back of a car. No, we’re not there yet.  (I love this analogy!  It made me smile. ~Anthony)

Allied Home Mortgage’s FHA Privileges Reinstated by Judge
BusinessWeek | November 15, 2011
Allied Home Mortgage Corp. can originate and underwrite Federal Housing Authority-insured home loans, a judge said, reversing a U.S. agency’s suspension of those privileges.

Why Wall Street’s Layoffs Are More Serious Than You Think
Forbes | November 16, 2011
Bank of America has reportedly started the first phase of a massive layoff plan by notifying some of its employees that they no longer work for the company. The layoffs are part of a larger cutback plan that is intended to save the bank $5 billion over the next couple of years.

Lower Mortgage Rates Help Homebuilders Feel Less Pessimistic but Housing Market Remains Weak
The Washington Post | November 17, 2011
U.S. homebuilders are feeling a little less pessimistic about the struggling housing market. But their mood hasn’t changed enough to signal a recovery anytime soon.

Homebuilder confidence highest since 2010
The | November 16, 2011
Homebuilder confidence shot up over November, revisiting a high previously seen in May 2010, according to a recent index.

From the National Association of Realtors®:

Midwest’s Hot Land Boom: 25% Jump in Values
It’s a good time to own farmland: Farmland prices in the Midwest are reaching new records, and some analysts say the peak hasn’t been reached yet either.

Foreclosures Are Selling Quicker, BofA Says
Bank of America says in several markets it’s moving through its inventory of foreclosed homes at a much faster pace than it has in the past.

Construction Soars for Rental Apartments
A tight supply of apartments and an upsurge in demand has allowed landlords to raise rents for seven straight quarters. But a boom in new apartment construction may help change that.

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