How I use LinkedIn

23 Feb

Here is how I use LinkedIn:

·         I log in every day to view my home page and see what my connections are doing.  When appropriate, I comment or hit like.


·         I connect my Twitter account and my blog so that they both show up in my profile every time I post and they also show up on my connections home page when I post.


·         I scroll through the contacts of my new connections to see who THEY know that I also know that I can connect with.


·         I allow others to see my connections so that makes my profile more valuable to them and connecting with me more valuable.


·         I do NOT connect with my competition.  This is simply a personal preference.  That way my competition is NOT scrolling through my connections.

·         I use the feature called “Who’s viewed your profile?”  Sometime folks that I would like to connect with or start a conversation with have recently viewed my profile.  This is like a warm lead.


·         I am connected with folks from all over America.  I promote Spokane whenever I get the chance.


·         My LinkedIn profile contains everything my resume’ would.  I am always viewing other profiles to see what kind of life/work experience my connections have.  I assume they are doing the same with my profile.


·         Using LinkedIn, I have connected or reconnected with over 1,300 folks, many of which I am not connected with in any other way.


·         I have LinkedIn connected to my Outlook address book so I can easily look folks contact information up from my phone.


Description: Anth_09_headshot

Anthony V. Carollo
Stewart Title of Spokane
606 W. 3rd Ave., Spokane, WA  99201
509-321-3939 | M 509-999-7050 | F 509-329-0202

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Please consider using Stewart Title on your next purchase, sale, or refinance

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