Real Estate News Today 3-6-2012

06 Mar

Fitch Sees Home Prices as Overvalued With Potential for Another 9.1% Drop
HousingWire | March 5, 2012
Fitch Ratings said U.S. home prices are still overvalued and could fall another 9.1%, despite inching toward a point of sustainability.

Home-Price Scorecard: Still Down.
The Wall Street Journal | March 5, 2012
There’s talk these days about the housing market “bottoming out” given strengthening home sales and other indicators, but prices largely remain the exception. They continue to fall on a national basis, even if the drops are not as dramatic in some markets.

Caribbean Getaways Ensnare U.S. Buyers
The Wall Street Journal | March 5, 2012
Vacation homes typically conjure up dreams of blue skies, pristine sand and crystalline waters. But for Richard Cichanowicz, buying property in paradise has become a nightmare.

Buying Foreclosures: One Investor’s Key to Success
CNBC | March 5, 2012
With potentially millions of foreclosed, bank-owned homes coming to the housing market over the next few years, cash-heavy investors are poised to profit, especially when buying in bulk.

Homebuilders Say Market Positives Trump High Gas Prices
CNBC | March 5, 2012
Sales of newly built homes are still stumbling along at historically low levels, but builders claim they are beginning to see the light at the end of a very long tunnel.

Credit Trends Among U.S. Consumers Point to End of Housing Downturn | March 5, 2012
Consumer credit data suggests spending will increase and the housing market will begin to emerge from its slump this year, according to Equifax and Moody’s Analytics

Home Prices Expected to Continue Stabilizing: Fitch
The | March 5, 2012
Lower unemployment figures and higher GDP growth continue to help stabilize home prices amid a still-steady recovery, Fitch Ratings said Monday.

8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees
Ted C. Jones Blog | March 6, 2012
A column by Jeff Haden in Inc.  (as reported by LinkedIn) details the difference between Remarkable Employees–as opposed to just good ones.  I believe these traits apply even to managers and individuals that work for themselves. (Aren’t you just dying to know if you are one?  (:-) ~Anthony)

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