Real Estate News Today 3-30-2012

30 Mar

Today’s news that may be of interest to you:  

Investors, Vacation Dwellers Stimulate Home Buying Activity
HousingWire | March 29, 2012
The combined share of investment and vacation home sales last year reached its highest level since 2005, according to the National Association of Realtors. (These are the same folks that are buying in ever-greater numbers with cash. ~Anthony)

Forget the Mortgage, Consumers Pay Car Loan First
MarketWatch | March 29, 2012
According to the latest analysis of open loans by TransUnion, the credit-ratings agency, nearly 40% of some 4 million consumers tracked last year fell behind on their mortgage payments, while keeping both their auto loans and credit-card balances in check. (I understand the dilemma- do you pay the loan on the place you live, or do you pay the loan on your ride to/from work?  My vote?  Pay the loan on the house first, sell the ride and take public transportation.  As a side note, if you can’t make ends meet and you’re going to pay something short, CALL YOUR CREDITORS!  Let them know what is going on and try to work something out.  Pay them SOMETHING, even if it’s small, to show them you are trying. Am I wrong?  Let em know at ~Anthony)

Cordray: Adding Leeway to LO Comp Rule ‘Sounds Sensible’
HousingWire | March 29, 2012
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau officials will consider allowing mortgage loan officers to lower their compensation in order to close a home purchase.

House Approves $3.5 Trillion Budget Plan Proposed by Paul Ryan
The Washington Post | March 29, 2012
Plan faces all but certain rejection in the Senate but will frame the parties’ election-year debate.

If You’re Happy and You Know It … Let the Government Know
The Washington Post | March 29, 2012
Americans’ right to the “pursuit of happiness” is older than the United State itself – it’s in the Declaration of Independence – but the emotion has never been measured. Amid a wave of research on the subject, the federal government is seeking ways to quantify it.

Avoiding the Equity Crowd-Funding
The Wall Street Journal | March 29, 2012
Under a bill expected soon to be passed into law, start-ups can raise up to $1 million a year by pitching to thousands of small-dollar investors online with little disclosure. Some companies are thrilled. But others, including some so-called angel investors, aren’t.

U.S. Consumer Cop Says not Bullying Banks
Reuters | March 29, 2012
The head of the new U.S. financial protection agency is fending off criticism that the presence of enforcement staff during routine inspection visits to banks is an intimidation technique.

10 Biggest Buyers of 2011
MultiFamily Executive | March 29, 2012
It’s hard to ignore the gap that exists between the No. 1 multifamily buyer and the rest of the 2011 top buyers list.

Mentorship is one thing that is sorely lacking in the real estate and real estate services industry. Our industry seems to reward those folks that help themselves more than others, yet for our kids’ future we should be mentoring the “up-and-coming”.  My challenge to you? Find someone to mentor today.  If your my age (44) and struggling with social media, mentor that 22 year old kid in the cubicle next to you and I’ll bet he/she can teach you a thing or two about Facebook or e-marketing.  There are PLENTY of “experienced” real estate folks out there that have a lot to teach a younger worker.  If you are one of the younger workers, find a mentor for yourself and also take the time to mentor a kid.

I am who am I am in large part because of two or three individuals who took the time to mentor me in different stages of my career, and for those guys am forever grateful.  (One of them is my dad, thanks Pop!)

Management Tip of the Day: Find mentors who help you learn
Reuters | March 29, 2012
Choosing the right type of mentor is important as a way to speed up your learning and help compete for jobs that were previously held by those with decades of experience, says Harvard Business Review.


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