Real Estate News Today 7-9-2012

09 Jul

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We had lots of comments regarding the “Eminent Domain” discussion last week.  Instead of reprinting them in an email, I’ve posted them in the ‘comments’ section at the bottom of the July 6, 2012 blog post.  You can read them here:  Thanks to all who took the time to respond!

Today’s news that may be of interest to you:

If Housing is Recovering, Where are the Construction Jobs?
The Washington Post | July 8, 2012
The housing market appears to be on the mend, as new home sales, construction spending, and new home construction have all improved in 2012.

Closer to a Bailout? FHA’s Mortgage Delinquencies Soar
CNN Money | July 9, 2012
The mortgage market appears to finally be stabilizing — as long as you ignore loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration.

Brace Yourself, Real Estate Prices Are Going Back Up
Bloomberg | July 8, 2012
House prices, after falling for more than five years, are rising again. All the major sales-price indexes show that there have been modest national increases in recent months, even after adjusting for seasonal patterns.  (So tell me, is it too early to call?  Are housing prices in your market going up?  Do the actual sales prices from your MLS support this article?  ~Anthony)

Number of the Week: Has Housing Bottomed?
The Wall Street Journal | July 6, 2012
The signs of a bottom in the housing market are piling up, and after Friday’s employment report we can add construction jobs to the pile.

First-time Homebuyers Struggle with Tough Market
The Denver Post | July 8, 2012
The stabilizing housing market is becoming a curse for first-time homebuyers.

More Red Flags on Reverse Mortgages
Reuters | July 6, 2012
Consumer advocates, government regulators and watchdogs have been warning seniors for several years about the risks associated with reverse mortgages. Now, the red flags are being hoisted significantly higher.

What To Expect From The Housing Market In The Remainder Of 2012
San Francisco Chronicle | July 7, 2012
The root of the global financial crisis and resulting recession could be summed up in one word: housing. Fueled by cheap credit, shady-style mortgages and over-inflated home prices, the resulting speculative bubble popped hard and sent home prices into a tailspin. Those falling prices ultimately exacerbated all the rest of the problems facing the economy, and there are several long-term consequences from the recession.

How Agents Are Investing in Their Business
RealtorMag | July 5, 2012
Real estate professionals are investing in a number of tools to expand their reach to customers. 

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