Real Estate News 7-19-2012

19 Jul

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Washington to unveil voter registration on Facebook
KHQ | July 17, 2012
Facebook users in Washington state will have something else to brag about to their online friends: that they registered to vote on Facebook. (I doubt that this will increase voter fraud as it is not much different that the current online voter-registration that Washington has.  However, when a business advertises on Facebook, they can do incredibly targeted advertising,  Look for Facebook to begin allowing the option of targeting your ad campaign to “registered voters”.  Political advertising is very lucrative and if they are given the opportunity to gain a share of that market, they will make a run at it. ~Anthony)

Brett-led groups buy buildings on Havermale Block
Journal of Business | July 19, 2012
A pair of real estate investment groups headed by Spokane sports team owner Bobby Brett recently bought two three-story buildings, a one-story former garage structure, and 27,600 square feet of parking in the historic Havermale block downtown, says Chris Batten, a commercial real estate broker involved in the transactions.

U.S. Bank Passes on Overheated Commercial Property Markets
HousingWire | July 17, 2012
Top-ten mortgage originator U.S Bank is passing on commercial real estate opportunities in certain markets at risk of overheating because of new construction.

Bernanke Warns Against ‘Fiscal Cliff’
The Washington Post | July 18, 2012
Fed chairman reasserts his bleak assessment of economic growth.

Job Gains Need to Be Wind Under Housing’s Wings
The Wall Street Journal | July 18, 2012
Housing–long the intensive-care patient of the U.S. economic recovery–is finally showing life just as other sectors look winded. But the progress might be short-lived if the labor markets don’t pick up steam.

Is Housing Back From the Dead?
BusinessWeek | July 18, 2012
Could it be? A housing bottom? Have we finally worked through the worst aftershocks of the biggest asset bubble in recent memory? After a four-year slump, the U.S. housing sector finally appears to be recovering. For real this time.

When Foreclosure Affects Children | July 17, 2012
Parents going through foreclosure may see it as a nightmare, a broken promise of the American Dream. Many might try to hide the stress and the effects of foreclosure from their children to keep them from worrying. However, researchers from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) are saying that children may actually suffer because of foreclosure more than anyone.
(If you know me well, you know that I love kids and I hate child abuse. That said, the researchers in this study have essentially pinned an increase on child abuse on the real estate industry by suggesting that foreclosures are tied directly to child abuse.  It seems to suggest that if foreclosures go up and child abuse goes up, then the one must be the cause of the other.  I believe that other socioeconomic factors are probably associated with child abuse, which in turn exacerbates the situation. One doesn’t necessarily lead to the other. Read the article yourself and tell me your thoughts. ~Anthony)

Is Instagram Real Estate’s Next Frontier?
RealtorMag | July 18, 2012
The Instagram app makes it easy for amateur photographers with smartphones to create works of art.  Some real estate firms are taking advantage of the app’s popularity and using it to accentuate their listings. 


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