Real Estate Today 8-3-2012

03 Aug

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Getting Housing Right
The Hill | August 2, 2012
Slowly but surely, the housing market is climbing out of the deep hole created by the financial panic of 2007-2008. While any one of the housing market cures already put into place will not independently fix the challenges, collectively these cures are healing the housing market. When I get asked what it will take to accelerate the recovery, my answer is three-fold. (Written by a prominent author, this article hits the nail on the head and is worth reading and sharing.  We’ve posted it on our Facebook page for you to share from there. ~Anthony)

People Still Want to Buy Homes: Fannie Mae
HousingWire | August 2, 2012
An overwhelming 85% of Americans prefer homeownership over renting, Fannie Mae said in a new study.

Job Growth ‘Moving Sideways’
The Washington Post | August 2, 2012
With labor force growing about the same rate as payrolls, little change in unemployment rate is expected.

Lawns, the Quiet Victims of Recession
The Wall Street Journal | August 2, 2012
Cautious consumers often look for places to cut, but one quiet victim of the recession has the opposite problem. Even amid recovery, lawns are often left untended.

3 Big Predictions for Real Estate
Realtor Mag | August 2, 2012
A few major predictions came out of the panel discussion that kicked off Inman’s Real Estate Connect event yesterday morning in San Francisco.

The Candidates’ Curious Silence on Housing
Bloomberg | August 2, 2012
For an economy that’s growing at an anemic rate of 1.5 percent, you’d think there would be more discussion of the U.S. housing market on the campaign trail. The sector has powered past recoveries and is responsible for as much as one-fifth of gross domestic product.

Where Phelps Can’t Finish: The Housing Market
NBC News | August 3, 2012
He’s the most-decorated Olympian of all time, but if real estate were an Olympic sport, Michael Phelps might be far from the podium.

Edward DeMarco’s Lonely Stand Against Mortgage Debt Relief
Huffington Post | August 2, 2012
Five years into a housing crisis that never seems to end, a dispute over offering homeowners assistance has come down to morality.  (Mr. DeMarco has been saying for some time that if FHFA permits principal reduction it will cause of wave of folks that are current on thier loans to default on the lender and try to cash in.  Do you agree?  According to this article, most disagree with him.  I’m not sure that’s true. ~Anthony)

Today in the “just for fun category, we offer you this great video:
Umpire Ejects Music Guy for Playing ‘Three Blind Mice’
Mashable | August 2, 2012
Things got really real at a Daytona, Fla., Cubs minor league baseball game Wednesday. After a disagreeable call by an umpire, “music guy” Derek Dye — you know, one of the folks who play “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and other interludes at ballparks nationwide — went with a non-lyrical version of the children’s classic “Three Blind Mice.”

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