Real Estate Today 8-9-2012

09 Aug


5 Mistakes Buyers Make in a Hot Market
Business Insider | August 8, 2012`
Given this rapid turn of the market, what’s a buyer to do? Maybe take a new approach to prepping for the hot market house hunt.

Housing Market may be Turning Corner
The Washington Post | August 8, 2012
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the backers of the majority of U.S. mortgages, are seeing a marked improvement in home values, which is boosting their own bottom lines.

Home Prices Up in All Major Cities in the U.S.
The Washington Post | August 8, 2012
The Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller home price index offers a monthly assessment of how home prices are faring from city to city. See how your city stacked up.

Squatters in Colorado Couple’s Home Refuse to Vacate Despite Judge’s Ruling
AOL Real Estate | August 8, 2012
Despite a judge’s ruling that a pair of squatters vacate a Colorado couple’s home in two days, two weeks later they are still there, forcing the home’s owners to stay put in a relative’s basement.

Citi Launches Rental Effort for Distressed Borrowers
The Wall Street Journal | August 8, 2012
Citigroup is starting a program to allow 500 homeowners in trouble with their mortgages to rent back their homes if they sign over the deed, a step some lenders are taking to help people avoid foreclosure.

Long Road to US Housing Recovery Despite Tighter Supply
CNBC | August 8, 2012
U.S. home prices are inching up as an ebbing tide of foreclosures creates a shortage of properties at a time of pent-up demand, but do not expect the housing market recovery to shift into higher gear.

Why Principal Write-Downs Are So Emotional
The Wall Street Journal | August 7, 2012
While the government has leaned on banks for years now to modify mortgages, forgiving principal hasn’t been widely embraced because it’s expensive and it’s hard to decide out who should benefit and who shouldn’t.

FHFA Raises Concerns about Eminent Domain Plan
Reuters | August 8, 2012
The Federal Housing Finance Agency raised concerns on Wednesday about a private investor group’s controversial aim to seize and restructure poor-performing mortgages.

Builder Woos Gen Y Renters
Chicago Tribune | August 8, 2012
Centex Homes is testing a new line of houses in Chicago, San Antonio and St. Louis that it hopes will lure a passel of 20-somethings out of their rental apartments — and assuage their shyness about homeownership.

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