Real Estate Today 8-20-2012

20 Aug


Consumer Regulator Backs Down on Mortgage Fees
The Wall Street Journal | August 17, 2012
After fierce objections from industry and consumer groups alike, a consumer regulator has backed away from the idea of forcing mortgage lenders to charge a flat fee for making a loan.

GSEs Expected to Unload Delinquent Loans After Treasury Change
HousingWire | August 17, 2012
Analysts expect Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to begin unloading more distressed mortgages from their portfolios after the Treasury Department accelerated their wind down.

No Boss, No Rules, No Vacation
The Washington Post | August 19, 2012
For some, being your own boss can be a joy — until you want time away from the office.

Living The High Life
The Wall Street Journal | August 17, 2012
Developers are erecting super-skyscrapers for the very wealthy, selling apartments with helicopter views for massive price tags. Why everyone’s looking up, and the realities of life on the 90th floor.

House Prices: An Important Update
The KCM Blog | August 20, 2012
Back in February, we posted a blog…explaining that there would be a ‘window of opportunity’ for sellers to sell at a better price than they could after some distressed properties entered the market this summer. The concept was correct as prices have stabilized and, in some markets, are actually showing mild appreciation. However…

Largest homebuilders lose market share, maintain strong capital positions
HousingWire | August 17, 2012
The nation’s largest homebuilders lost market share in 2011, but maintain stronger capital positions that are likely to push them into better positions in the coming years.

Study: Delinquency Affects Neighboring Prices More than Foreclosure | August 17, 2012
A working paper released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta suggests that foreclosures may not negatively impact nearby property prices as much as originally thought. (What do you think- true or false?  Do you have any anecdotal evidence to back it up? ~Anthony)

While I was on vacation last week, the ever-capable Adeidra Jones filled in for me on the news front.  Send her High-Fives (or to place an order or customer service request) at

Also, for those of you that LIKED our Facebook page during our contest the past few weeks, a great big SHOUT OUT to all of you!  Stewart Title of Spokane took first place in number of LIKES increased from all over the nation!  You guys are the BEST!


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