Real Estate Today 8-27-2012

27 Aug

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More great information brought to you by the humble crew at Stewart Title of Spokane.  Some interesting borrower survey results reported, the banking scandal scorecard is enlightening, and check out the foreclosure land mines and crime rates articles. Thanks for reading and feel free to forward to a friend. ~Anthony

Shrinking Freddie, Fannie Worries Some
The Washington Post | August 26, 2012
Thirty-year, fixed-rate mortgages could be harder to find as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac wind down, potentially forcing more borrowers to turn to short-term mortgages and variable interest rate loans, according to local community banks and credit unions.

Get a Picture-Perfect Home Sale
The Wall Street Journal | August 26, 2012
Professional photos of a home lure more potential buyers, often leading to a faster sale.

Full Disclosure of Fees, Privacy Most Important to Borrowers: Survey
DSNews | August 24, 2012
Just how important is disclosure to American borrowers? Very important, if the figures from a recent Harris Interactive survey mean anything.

The Program That’s Getting Veterans Into Homes
Huffington Post | August 24, 2012
Nearing its 70th anniversary, the VA loan guaranty program and its benefits have emerged as a lifeline for veterans and military families during a time of tight credit.

Banking-scandal Scorecard Details the Misdeeds, Resolutions
The Denver Post | August 26, 2012
You’ve probably heard something about Libor or credit-card overcharges or money-laundering, but it can be hard to keep track. We’ve laid out the details on some of the most notable cases, including fines and resignations, and which investigations aren’t over yet.

Government Makes $62.4 Million on Sale of Stock in 4 Small Bailed-out Banks
The Washington Post | August 24, 2012
The Treasury Department announced Friday the results of its latest auction of its preferred stock in small banks. The government sold its shares for $5.1 million less than its original investment in the four banks of $67.5 million.

Buying a Foreclosure? Watch Out for These Landmines
Fox Business | August 27, 2012
As you might expect, buying a foreclosed home comes with opportunities — and certain challenges. Here are five potential landmines to look out for when buying a foreclosed property. (There is good content here in spite of the fact that they say “five landmines” but they only list four.  Still, all four are worth considering. ~Anthony)

Studies find home prices and crime rates not greatly impacted by foreclosures
HousingWire | August 24, 2012
Several studies published in the September issue of Social Science Quarterly found only tenuous links between the rate of foreclosure and upticks in the neighborhood crime rate. Though one study found the opposite. (OK, seriously? I’d be shocked if this were true. ~Anthony)

I got a Facebook message from a relative over the weekend saying that they just put in an offer on a home and they chose Stewart Title for their title/escorw company when they wrote the deal with their agent.  Remember – you can choose the title and escrow company for your purchase or refinance since it is something you are paying for.  We would be honored if you chose Stewart Title for your needs.

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