Real Estate Today 8-29-2012

29 Aug

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Can you say “hello economic recovery, we’ve been waiting for you”?  Good information today on asking prices, bank REOs and back-to-school purchases.  It’s not all good news, but is it ever?  Enjoy and forward it to a friend.

2 must have contingencies in a home offer
Inman News | August 28, 2012
You are about to engage in what may be the biggest purchase of your life. You kick the tires when you buy a car. You should get an inspection, and if the seller does not allow this, walk away as fast as you can.  (Agree or disagree? ~Anthony)

Sellers Test Waters with Higher Asking Prices
RealtorMag | August 28, 2012
The latest industry reports are showing housing prices on the rise, and it has made more sellers want to raise their asking price, according to industry insiders. 

Bank REO down 18% from one year ago
HousingWire | August 28, 2012
Federally insured banks reduced their inventory of previously foreclosed properties by 18% over the last year, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

The Real Estate Market Data Revolution Will Be Televised
Inman Next | August 28, 2012
Home buyers and sellers love video.  They also love data.  Time to make a baby. Terradatum introduces Market Analysis Videos. (This looks like a great tool.  If any of you sign up to use it, I’d love to hear how it goes. ~Anthony)

CoreLogic Estimates 269,000 Homes in Path of Hurricane Isaac
HousingWire | August 28, 2012
A month after Congress approved a five-year extension to the National Flood Insurance Program, Hurricane Isaac is barreling towards the Gulf Coast, threatening $36 billion in residential property, according to CoreLogic.

Which Cities Have Biggest Education-Jobs Mismatch?
The Wall Street Journal | August 29, 2012
A recent Brookings Institution study measures the regional education mismatch between online job postings in a metro area and workers in that area.

Biggest Back-to-School Purchase: A New Home?
The Wall Street Journal | August 28, 2012
Across the country, parents are preparing this week to send their children back to school, spending hundreds of dollars on books, uniforms and cold cuts for brown bag lunches. Another key back-to-school purchase for many families is a new home.

Shadow inventory lingers for second-home owners
The Spokesman-Review | August 26, 2012
I continually find myself tempering the exuberance of homeowners who are absolutely dead-set on the idea that all home values will soon appreciate.

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