Real Estate Today 9-5-2012

05 Sep

Good news today on the real estate market and home prices, another stern warning on the fiscal cliff, and something we’ve all been waiting for – one more reality TV show.

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Pimco CEO shouts in letter to Congress: Focus on fiscal cliff
HousingWire | September 5, 2012
Pimco CEO Mohamed El-Erian urged Congress in a blog post to work on the economy and end partisan bickering to quell a new phase of economic malaise that is spreading throughout the country.

Movers Hold Home Owners’ Items Hostage?
RealtorMag | September 4, 2012
Federal lawmakers are cracking down on moving companies who try to hold home owners’ belongings hostage during a move — a scam that’s more common than many realize. 

FICO dispels myth: Short sale may damage credit score as much as foreclosure
HousingWire | September 4, 2012
Turns out that a short sale doesn’t protect a homeowner’s credit score as much as originally thought.  (I’m guessing most lenders could have told us the same thing since they deal with credit scores on a daily basis, but I doubt the average consumer would have known. ~Anthony)

Foreclosure-Focused Reality TV Show to Debut in October | September 4, 2012
It’s a short jump from “realty” to “reality.” Next 1 Interactive, Inc., a media company focused on travel and real estate, announced Tuesday that the pilot episode of a new home improvement reality show focused on foreclosure renovation saw some success in a test market in New York.

Here’s More Evidence That Home Prices Have Hit Bottom
The Wall Street Journal | September 4, 2012
In each of the last three years, home prices have increased in the spring and summer, when more people are buying homes, before giving back all of those gains and then some in the fall and winter. But it is beginning to look like that might not happen this year.

US Home Prices Make Biggest Jump in 6 Years
The Los Angeles Times | September 4, 2012
Nationwide home prices shot up 3.8% in July, making their largest year-over-year leap since 2006, according to real estate data provider CoreLogic.

Real Estate is a lot More Complicated These Days as Ownership Keeps Changing
The Washington Post | September 4, 2012
Over the years, I’ve learned the world is more complicated. Yes, development is still driven by people with vision, but ownership is more fractured.

How is National Mortgage Settlement $ Being Spent?
The KCM Blog | September 5, 2012
 (This is a good little graph depicting where the mortgage settlement money is going. ~Anthony)

It seems like we’ve seen some indication lately that the average consumer is making wiser choices with their spending and their money.  Do you feel that’s true? 

I’d like to put together a list of suggestions or advice for consumers who would like to buy a home or real estate and maybe incorporate that into our blog.  If you could offer one piece of advice to today’s consumer who wants to buy a home or investment property in the next year or two, what would that advice be?


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