Real Estate Today 9-21-2012

21 Sep

Why real estate agents don’t answer the phone
InmanNews | September 20, 2012
We get a bad rap from the experts for not answering our phones. In spite of all the coaching and complaining, it doesn’t seem to get any better. There will always be agents who do not return phone calls, and we deserve all of the criticism we get — even when the calls are not actually going to us because of the way we market ourselves. (I’m curious to hear from agents on this article. ~Anthony)

5 Surprising Home Buyer Turn-Offs
Trulia | September 19, 2012
The prospect of selling your home effectively makes you a marketer. And effective marketing requires that you understand the mind and priorities, likes and dislikes of your target buyer. In real estate, we all know that buyers like to see homes that are pristine, huge and well-located. Sometimes, though, it’s much harder to recognize when our own homes might actually be triggering buyers’ distaste – or disgust. 

Canceled Contracts Dog Real-estate Recovery
MarketWatch | September 20, 2012
An average of nearly 18% of signed contracts on existing home sales were canceled during the three months ending July, according to data released this month by Capital Economics. (Failed contracts- what’s your market doing? ~Anthony)

Economists Far More Optimistic on Future of Housing Prices: Survey
DSNews | September 20, 2012
A strengthening housing market in the past few months has economists making more bullish predictions about the recovery, Zillow revealed Thursday.

Discussion: Does Home Staging Pay Off?
The Wall Street Journal | September 20, 2012
Do luxury listings really need rented furniture to sell?

Deutsche Bank Claims Housing Correction Complete
HousingWire | September 20, 2012
Recent indicators showed housing has largely corrected back to pre-bubble levels and affordability, according to a note from Deutsche Bank analysts.

3 Macro Indicators Predicting a Real Estate Rally
NBC News | September 20, 2012
In what can only be considered a hallmark week for real estate, new macro indicators have given further validity to the hope that the housing market is solidly improving. Read below for the good news, as well as five different companies poised for profit.

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Unhappy at Work? Find Out Where You Fit
The Wall Street Journal | September 20, 2012
Ever had the sneaking suspicion that you’d be happier at another company? Here’s a way to put that hunch to the test.

Rep. Neugebauer questions CFPB six-figure salaries
HousingWire | September 20, 2012
Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Texas, is questioning the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s decision to pay six-figure salaries to 958 staff members.


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