Real Estate Today 9-26-2012

26 Sep

Below you’ll find one of the best articles I’ve seen in a while on short sales, a great look at real estate malpractice claims, and don’t miss the reader-feedback generated blog at the bottom.  Thanks for reading! ~Anthony

Home Prices Rise Again, This Time on the Low End
The New York Times | September 25, 2012
The housing market continues to gather strength, and the biggest gains in price now appear to be among the least expensive homes, whose values fell the most in the downturn and have weighed against any would-be recovery.

Short Sales – 10 Common Myths Busted
The KCM Blog | September 26, 2012
There are some huge misconceptions when it comes to a short sale vs. a foreclosure. We take the most common myths surrounding both short sales and foreclosures and give a brief explanation. LET’S BUST SOME MYTHS!! 

Report: Why Investors Should Consider Properties in Small Towns | September 25, 2012
Major metro areas such as Phoenix and Atlanta aren’t the only places where investments opportunities abound. (Note: The author and the study define a “small town” as one between 200,000 and 500,000 people.  That seems more “midsize” to me, but regardless Spokane falls in that category. ~Anthony)

Study Shows 25 Percent of Americans Would Delay Home Purchase Until After Election
RISMedia | September 25, 2012
When it comes to buying a home, 25 percent of Americans would like to know who the next president will be before they would feel totally comfortable putting their money down.

Real Estate Legal Malpractice Claims On the Rise
Akron Legal News | September 25, 2012
The American Bar Association names real estate malpractice claims as the leading cause of malpractice actions in its “Profile of Legal Malpractice Claims: 2008-2011” report.

Consumers Back to Feeling Flush
The Wall Street Journal | September 25, 2012
After two years of falling incomes and penny-pinching, Americans opened their wallets in 2011, ramping up spending on everything from restaurants and clothing to health care.

Is Housing Risen From Ashes? ‘Industry Has Come Back’
CNBC | September 25, 2012
After falling to depths not seen since the Great Depression, the U.S. housing market may finally be rising from the ashes.

Lenders may see different score
The Spokesman-Review | September 26, 2012
About 1 in 5 consumers are likely to receive credit scores that differ substantially from those used by lenders, according to a government study released Tuesday.

Here is a new reader-response blog I just posted based on feedback I got last week.  Keep it coming!
First Time Homebuyer’s Programs, Investing in Real Estate, and Agents’ Feedback on Answering their Phone

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