Real Estate Today 10-2-2012

02 Oct

Cost of a Home: Impact of Interest Rates
The KCM Blog | October 2, 2012
(Here is a neat little graphic for buyers to look at and understand the impact rates have had on a $100,000 loan over the past 10 years. ~Anthony)

Las Vegas is the next Phoenix: Clear Capital
HousingWire | October 2, 2012
Despite its high REO saturation rate, Las Vegas is shaping up to be the next Phoenix as it exhibits concentrated gains in discounted home price segments.

How Joseph Stiglitz Misread the Risks at Fannie Mae
The Wall Street Journal | October 1, 2012
In the two decades before a cascade of mortgage defaults forced the U.S. government to rescue Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in September 2008, the two mortgage companies regularly reassured anyone who would listen that nothing of the sort would ever happen.

Casualties of Chesapeake’s ‘Land Grab” Spread’
Reuters | October 1, 2012
Chesapeake Energy has exploited little-known laws in at least four states to force land owners to hand over drilling rights and sometimes forfeit profits. Land brokers, land owners and lawyers say such deals are pushing ethical and legal limits.

Where the Single-Family Rental Market is Heading: Capital Economics | October 1, 2012
No doubt, the potential of the REO to rental market has caught the attention of both individual and institutional investors. But, what is the potential of the REO to rental market, and how long will it continue? In a recent report authored by economist Paul Diggle, Capital Economics addressed those questions.

Lawyers Get Rich Off Consumer Bureau
CNN Money | October 1, 2012
As the government’s consumer watchdog cracks down on banks, debt collectors, student lenders and other financial players, law firms are stepping up to protect them — and profiting nicely as a result.

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This Housing Pickup Won’t Drive Much Economic Growth
CNN Money | October 1, 2012
Bright spots in the housing market are certainly a welcome relief, but it’s going to take something dramatic to impact GDP.

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