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Real Estate News Today 3-28-2012

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Today’s news that may be of interest to you:

This week Stewart lands itself on a Forbes list!
America’s Most Trustworthy Companies
Forbes | March 20, 2012
Over the last few years, corporate scandals, bailouts, and bankruptcies have greatly damaged investors’ trust in some of the country’s largest public companies. However, even today, many corporations are models of openness and integrity.

Rising Rates: Some Business Owners Face Increase
The Wall Street Journal | March 28, 2012
Business owners say they’ll face hundreds or thousands of dollars in higher yearly costs. (We all knew it was coming, right? ~Anthony)

Tweaks to Wall Street Overhaul Law Starting to Move
CNBC | March 27, 2012
Support is growing in Congress for tweaks to the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial oversight law, a possibility that until recently seemed remote given partisan acrimony over the law, as well as between Republicans and Democrats.

Housing Experts Optimistic, Despite Dismal Data
The Washington Post | March 27, 2012
There’s no shortage of depressing numbers about the state of the nation’s housing market. Home prices continue to fall, a key index showed Tuesday. Sales of new and existing homes recently declined.

Improving Your Financial Literacy is a Good Investment
The Washington Post | March 27, 2012
Survey after survey continues to conclude that consumers don’t have a good grasp of personal finance issues. There are good intentions behind these surveys. Their purpose is to find out how to create financial literacy programs to help people understand the importance of saving and investing, the devastating results of taking on too much debt, and how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

Supreme Court to Consider Medicaid Expansion
The Washington Post | March 28,2012
Justices will also consider whether the entire health-care law must fall if the individual mandate is found unconstitutional.

Q&A: The Prospects for Commercial Real-Estate Lending
The Wall Street Journal | March 28, 2012
Prudential Mortgage Capital is looking to grow its loan volume up to as much as $11.6 billion this year. An executive talks about where he sees commercial real-estate opportunities in the market.

Homeless Being Trained as Squatters?
Realtor Magazine | March 27, 2012
“The best properties are city-owned properties or bank-owned properties,” a board member to a New York City advocacy group reportedly told a homeless group in teaching them about “homesteading.” 

Freddie’s Haldeman: Would have been happy with $1 in exec pay
HousingWire | March 26, 2012
The outgoing CEO of Freddie Mac , Charles ‘Ed’ Haldeman, is in a state of reflection. He predicts he will leave by mid-year and is deeply dismayed at some of the things that happened in the short time he held the reins at Freddie Mac. (I had this article in yesterday’s issue, and last night I was thinking more about it.  I don’t often comment about an individual but today I’m saying “Hogwash!”  He says he would have taken $1 instead of his $900,000 annual salary, but I don’t buy the reason he gives for his change of heart. Not that I begrudge him the money, I don’t care what he makes.  There’s my two cents worth.  ~Anthony)

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